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Daivavyapasraya Chikitsa

The term Daiva has been used with respect to the sense of karmas, which are related to our previous life. The method imbibes a sense of confidence in an individual, making his/her optimistic and positive. It is basically achieved through methods of propitiation of supernatural elements through which one can maintain emotional and optimistic balance of mind. Pranipatagamana, i.e. prostrating one-self several times, before the-deities, per day, for several days, months and years.

Mantras/ chanting hymns

Specially qualified medicinal stones and charms

Religious and auspicious practices of worship

Offerings to superhuman beings

Offerings to Fire-God by way of sacrifices

Services of vows

Donation to worthy men in atonement of the wrong done by the donor

Observance of fasts and rites

Svastyayana i.e. invocation of favors of supernatural beings, through the medium of blessings solicited from worthy and pious human beings who are supposed to be mediators.


Sattvavijaya helps to control the desires for unnecessary worldly objectives, which are the cause of all types of mental worries. The Mental Svasthavrtta is a very important aspect not only in the case of an individual, but also in that of public.

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