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These are only for external application, unique to Kerala. Oil base of medicines for external application is substituted by a mixture of gingelly oil, ghee and castor oil.

Apply the kuzhamba heated or otherwise over the body and take bath in hot water after 30 minutes or as advised by the physician

BALAASWAGEINDHAADI KUZHAMBU: (Sahasrayogam) Improves body complexion and stamina. Useful fox tuberculosis, Skin disorders, Oedema, Chronic Fever, Insanity.

DHANWANTHARAM KUZHAMBU: (Ashtangahrudayam) To be used for children, pregnant women and also for post-natal care. This is very effective for all types of Rheumatic complaints.

ELAADI KUZHAMBU: (Ashtangahrudayam) - Effective for Bruises, Scabies, Wounds and Skin diseases.

ARPASASTHYAADI KUZHAMBU: (Sahasrayogam) - A special item for rheumatic complaints like Numbness, Pain.

KHAJITHA PINDA THAILAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) Produced by churning process and hence has stronger cooling effect than PINDA THAILAM and very effective in rheumatic complaints with burning sensation.

KOTTAMCHUKKAADI KUZHAMBU : (Sahasrayagam) - Best for all types of Rheumatic complaints and joint disorders.

LAAKSHADI KUZHAMBU: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For breathing trouble, Asthma, Insanity, Epilepsy and also suitable for Pregnant women. Improves body complexion and stamina.

PANCHASNEHAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Rheumatic related stagnation, pain. Effective for Bone fracture, Bruises, Numbness in arms and legs, Wasting diseases.

PINDA THAILAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For Arthritis related burning sensation pain and oedema.

PRABHANJANAVIIVIARDSANAM: (Sahasrayagam) - Relieves all types of Rheumatic disorders and provides strength and health to the body. Also relieves Numbness, body weakness and Pain. More effective for Rheumatoid Arthritis and facial Paralysis:

SAHACHARAADI KUZHAMBU: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For all types of rheumatic related complaints like freezness, numbness and especially for Sacrococcygial pain.

VAATHAMARDHANAM KUZHAMBU: (Patent Medicine) Effective for Sprains, Pain and Numbness.



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