Ayurveda Treatment Methods

A Guide Line To Ayurveda Treatments & Principles


OILS (External Application)

These are medicated oils. Decoction, juices, milk etc. are added m ails like Gingelly oil, coconut oil or castor oil and is heated with powdered and ground raw drugs, until the water content evaporates completely. Through this process the active principles are preserved in Oil medium.

THAILAM - Base Gingelly oil; KERAM - Base Coconut oil.

Apply the oils over the body anal take bath in Luke warm water after half an hour. For hair Oil also, the procedure is same, or as directed by the Physician.

AMRUTHAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Rheumatoid Arthritis, Headache.

ANUTHAILAM: (Nasal) (Ashtamgahrudayam)- Apply 6-8 drops each in both the nostrils. Used for all diseases pertaining to head, eyes, vase, ear and mouth.

ARIMEDHAS THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For mouth and dental disorders. Effective for Stomatitis, Gingivitis and other diseases of mouth. Also can be used for Pyorrhoea, Toothache and Foul smell.

ARUKAALAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogarn) - Used for Jaundice and Anaemia.

ASANELADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Cures scalp itching, Dandruff, Prolonged running nose.

ASANELADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above.

ASANAMANJISHTAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective in Eye diseases, Otorhoea. Also can be used for diseases related a head.

ASANAVII.WAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For opthalmic & E.N.T. disorders.

ASHTAPATHRADI THAILAM: (Arogyakalpadrumam) - For all types of E.N.T. disorders:

BALAADHAATHRYADITHAILAM: (Sahasrayogam)-Diseases related to Head and Eyes. Especially with burning sensation.

BALADHATHRYADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above. ;

BALAAGULOOCHYAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Rheumatoid arthritis and burning sensation. Relieves Headache, Fever, Swelling.

BALAAGULOOCHYAADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) Same as above.

BALAHATADI -THAILAM: (Sarvarogachikitsaratnam) - Effective for Headaches and Sinusitis.

BALAHATADI KERAM: (Sarvarogachikitsaratnam) - Same as above.

BALAASWAGANDHAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective for Rheumatism, Oedema, Tuberculosis, Chronic Fever and Mental Disorders. Also Improves body complexion and provides strength and stamina.

BRINGAAMALAKAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) Relieves diseases pertaining to Eyes, Head. Provides comfort to head and also good for Hair growth. Effective in sleeplessness,

BRAHMEE THAILAM: Provides comfort and coolness to head and eyes. Gives sound sleep.

BRIHAT CHANDANAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For diseases such as Mental disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis with burning sensation, Fainting, Jaundice.

CHANDANADITHAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - A special medicine for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Keeps the head cool and provides comfort.

CHEMPARATHYADI KERAM: For infantile skin diseases such as Scabies, Wounds, Oedema.

CHINCHADI THAIILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Used in all types of Rheumatic disorders.

DASAPUSHPAADI KERAM: (Arogyakalpadrumam) - Used for infantile disorders.

DHANWANTHARAM THAILAM : (Ashtamgahrudayam) Used in all types of Rheumatic complaints. Also used for Anti-natal and Post natal care in women. Useful in fracture and injury of bones.

DHURDHOORAPATHRADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) Good for Dandruff and loss of hair. Also useful for scabies on the head.

DHURDHOORAPATHRADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above.

DINESAVALLYAADI THAILAM : (Sahasrayogam) - Effective skin diseases. Improves body complexion.

INESAVALL.YA.ADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above.

DINESELAADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective for infected/chronic wounds, Itching, Scabies.

DURWAADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Dandruff, Scalp itching, Scabies and Wounds.

ELAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective in Skin diseases, especially a toxic origin.

ELAADI COCONUT OIL: (Sahasrayogam) Same as above

GOPAATMAJAADI KERAM: (Sarvarogachikitsaratnam) - Very effective for scalp and skin disorders in children.

GULGULUTMARICHAADI THAILANI: (Ashtamgahrudayam) For chronic infective skin diseases. To be used externally.

GULGULUTHIKTHAKAM THAILAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) For Rheumatoid Arthritis and related skin diseases External application only.

HIMAASAGARA THAILAM: (Bhaishajyaratnavaly) - Useful for rheumatic complaints with burning sensation and for mental disorders.

JAATHYADI KERAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For external application to Wounds.

JEEVANTHYADI YAMAKAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Best for scratches/cracks on lips, arms, legs.

KARAPPAN THAII.AM: (Sahasrayogarn) - Very Effective in skin diseases such as erysipeles, scabies, especially for childrens.

KARPASASTHYADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogarn) - Good for Rheumatic complaints. A special one for Hemiplegia, inability to move shoulder girdle, Facial paralysis.

KARPSASTADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogarn) Used externally for body pain, Sprains. Also can be used for muscular wasting, spasm. Fomentation gives more results.

KAYATHIRUMETTI OIL: (Sahasrayogarn) For Fracture, Joint dislocation and Rheumatic disorders. Suitable for both oral and external use.

KAYYUNNYAUI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Eye diseases and Head ache. Also can be used for Dental diseases, Sinusitis, Premature greying of hair. Promotes hair growth.

KAYYLTNNYADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above.

KOTTAMCHUKKADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Rheumatic complaints, particularly for Numbness, Oedema, Twitching.

KSHEERABALA THAILAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - An effective remedy for most of the rheumatic disorders. Reduces pain and burning sensation.

KURUNTHOTTI OIL: (Sahasrayogam) - Used for Rheumatic complaints of minor grades.

LAAKSHADI THAILAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Physical weakness and diseases of children. Very much effective in chronic fever. Also can be used for Tuberculosis, Asthma, Epilepsy. Improves body complexion and stamina of children.

LAAKSHADI KERAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Same as above.

MADHUYASHTYADI'THAILAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Good for Arthritis with burning sensation and Oedema.

MAFIAAMASHA THAILAM: (Sahsrayogam) - Improves body strength by relieving all types of Rheumatic complaints. Also effective for Partial Paralysis, Facial Paralysis, Locked Jaw, Sciatica, Poiymyalgia of Shoulders, Muscle wasting, Numbness, deafness.

MAALATHYAADI KERAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Prevents hair fall, Dandruff, Alopacia.

MANJISHTAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam)- Provides comfort for eyes and head.

MARICHAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective for Oedema. Cough, Dyspnoea, Nasal polyp, Sinusitis.

MAASHA THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective for Hemiplegia, facial paralysis, Polymyalgia of shoulders, E.N.T. diseases, Parkinsonism.

MURIVENNA: (Patent Medicine) For Joint dislocation and bone fracture. Can be used to cure wounds.

NAGARADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Used for diseases found in mouth and nose. Also good far Oedema.

NAALPAAMARAADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For skin diseases, Inflammation, infected/chronic wounds, particularly used for Erysipeles.

MAHANARAYANA THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Rheumatic complaints, Invigourates sex organs.

NARAAYANA THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective; for Rheumatic complaints. Also suitable for Chest pain, Hemi Cranial Pain, Lyaphadenitis, Cervical Lymphadenitis, Locked Jaw, Calculus.

NEELIBHRUNGADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Used for healthy growth of hair. Cheks Dandruff. Provides comfort for eyes and head.

NEELIBHRUNGADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above.

NEELIDALAADI THAILAM: A special medicine for skin diseases. Besides, it can be used internally and externally for Spider infection, ulcers due to insect bites.

NIRGUNDYADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Scalpal polyps, and keloids and particularly used for Tonsilitis.

PARANTHYADI THAILAM - For inflammations, bruises, wounds, scabies. Especially effective for Ulcers due to snake poison.

PARINATHAKERYAADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - A special one for Polymyalgia of Shoulder and neck.

PRASAARANEE THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For all types of Rheumatic disorders. Especially that of shoulders.

SAHACHARAADI'THAILAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam)-Effective' in all Rheumatic disorders pertaining to lower limbs. Especially useful in Vericose veins, numbness and pain.

SHUDHABALA THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Very effective for Rheumatic complaints.

THEKARAAJA THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Cough, Asthma, Fever and excessive sweating.

THEKARAAJA KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above.

THENGINPUSHPAADI THAILAM: (Sarvarogachikitsaratnam) For Oedema, Head ache, Eye disorders and for burning sensation of head.

THRIPHALAADI THAII,AM: (Sahasrayogam) - A special one for head disorders, loss of hair and greying. Best for Ophthalmic and E.N.T disorders.

THRIPHALAADI KERAM (Sahasrayogam) - Same as above.

THULASEE SWARASAADI KERAM: (Sahasrayogam) Removes bad breath in mouth and nose. Best for Sinusitis, Fever and Head ache.

VACHADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - A special one for Lyrnphadenitis and Oedema. Best for Otorrhoea and Filariasis.

VACHALASUNADI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - To be applied in ear for Otorrhoea, bad breath.

VAATHAASHINI THAILAM: (Sahasrayogam) - An important medicine for Rheumatic disorders. Effective for Deafness, hernia, impotence, Joint pain.

VILWAMPAACHOTTYAADI THAILAM : (Sahasrayogam) - Best for oedema. Provides comfort to head.


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