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Lehyams are semisolid Malt/Jam like preparation of drugs, prepared by adding jaggery or sugar and boiled with the prescribed liquid till the correct constituency is obtained. Then spices and Ghee are added and stirred well. After cooling honey is also added. This means preserving the water extract of medicines in Sugar media.

10-15 g twice daily or as advised by the physician. Half the quantity for children.

AGASTHYA RASAYANAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Specially used for Tuberculosis and Cough. Increases Body complexion and stamina. Can be used for chronic Pyrexia, Sprue, Piles, Heart disease, Distaste, Constipation, Indigestion etc.

AJAMAMSA RASAYANAM - (Patent Medicine) - Effective in Emaciation and Asthma. Improves body complexion and stamina. Can be used for Post-natal care as a Galactogogue.

AMRUTHAPRAASA RASAYANAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) Increases body strength, general health. Useful in Emaciation, Cough , etc. Used as an Aphrodisiac.

ASWAGANDHAADI LEHYAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Used in wasting disease related to Tuberculosis. Improves body strength and stamina.

BAAHUSAALAGULAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Relieves Piles, anaemia, Jaundice, Ascites and increase Digestive power.

BRAHMA RASAYANAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Increases Brain Power and Mental health. Also can be used as an immuno-stimulant and restorative tonic.

CHINCHADI LEHYAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective in Anaemia and Piles. Also for Jaundice, Burning sensation, Acidity etc.

CHIRUVILLWAADI LEHYAM: (Ashtarngahrudyam) - Effective in all types-of Piles

CHYAVANAPRAASAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Used for Cough, Dyspnoea, Heart disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Seminal disorders, etc. Increase body complexion and keeps weariness away. improves immunity power.

DANTHEEHARITHAKI : (Sahasrayogam) - For Intestinal Spasm, Heart Disease, Files. Also can be used for Oedema, Flatulence, Skin disease, Hernia, Fever, Anaemia, Jaundice etc.

DASAMOOLAHARITHAKI: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For Oedema, Prolonged fever, Anaemia. Also can be used for Liver disorders, Rheumatic diseases and Urinary diseases.

DASAMOOOLA RASAYANAM : (Sahasrayogam) For Asthma and cough. To be chewed.

DRAAKSHAADI LEHYAM: (Ashtamgahrudayarn) - Relieves Anaemia and Jaundice. Increases digestive power.

GOMOOTHRA HARITHAKI : (Sarvaroga Chikitsa Ratnam) Effective in Hernia, Ascites, Diabetes, Obesity, Inflammatory diseases etc.

GULGULUTHIKTHAKA MADHUSNUHI : (Sahasrayogam)-For all types of Skin diseases, Sinus wounds, Carcinoma and Lymphadenits. Very effective in the treatment of Psoriasis.

HARIDRAKHANDAM : (Bhaishajyaratnavaly) -Effective for Eosinophilia is and Skin allergic conditions. Also can be used for Anaemia, Worm infestations, Urticaria, Itching.

KALYAANAGULAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Used for Piles and Fistula-in-ano. Also can be used for Jaundice, Diabetes, Intestinal spasm, Anaemia, etc.

KOOSMAANDA RASAYANAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Effective for Tuberculosis and Respiratory tract disorders. Also can be used Cough, Haematemesis and Anorexia. Increases memory, intelligence and stamina.

KUTAJAAVA LEHYAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Diarrhoea and Bleeding Piles.

BRIHATHMADHUSNUHI RASAYANAM: (Sahasrayogam) Used in all types of Skin diseases. Effective in Syphilis.

MADHUSNUHI RASAYANAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Relieves Chronic ulcers, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, Intestinal spasm and Skin diseases.

MAHAAVILWAADI LEHYAM: (Sarvarogachikitsaratnam) For continuous Vomiting and Cough. Also can be used for Asthma, Sinusitis, Piles, Jaundice, Anaemia etc.

MAANIBHADRA LEHYAM : (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Useful for Skin diseases. Also useful for Piles, Ascites, and Worm infestation. Acts as a laxative.

MAATHALARASAYANAM: (Sahasrayogam) - To be chewed for Dyspnoea, Cough and Vomiting. Also can be used for Oedema, Intestinal spasm, Distaste, Heart disease, Splenic disorders, Feeble voice etc.

NAARASIMHA RASAYANAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Used for Premature greying of hair and Hair loss. Improves vigour, vitality and general health.

PANCHAJEERKA GULAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Used for Post-natal care in women. Relieves gastric complaints, Cough, Fever, Uterus disorders, Tuberculosis, Jaundice, Excessive urine, Bad breath etc.

PULIMKUZHAMBU: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective for Gastro Intestinal problems like Spasm, Colic Pain and for Anaemia, Back pain Hernia etc. Widely used for Post - natal care.

SATHAAVARI GULAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Leucorrhoea and Urinary diseases. Also useful for Jaundice, Anaemia and Menopausal syndrome.

S ITA VADAKAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For Asthma, Cough and Vomiting. Also can be used for Sprue, Heart diseases, Fever, Flatulence, files, Sinusitis, Bronchitis etc.

SOOARANAADI LEHYAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Effective for Piles and related complaints.

SUKUMAARA LEHYAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Used for stomach pain and Menstrual disorders. Also can be used for Piles, Distaste, Indigestion.

SUBHAGYA SUNDIMODAKAM: (Bhaishajyaratnavaly) - For Post - natal care. Relieves Hyper acidity and Distaste.

THAALEESAPATHRADI VADAKAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) For Sinusitis and Cough. Also can be used for Vomiting, Sprue, Heart disease, Distaste, Dyspnoea.

THAAMBOOLA LEHYAM: (Sahasrayogam) - For Cough, Vomiting, Dyspnoea.

THAARAMANDOORAM: (Bhaishajyaratnavaly) - Effective for Intestinal Ulcers. Relieves Anaemia, Jaundice, Oedema, Ascites.

THRIVRUTH LEHYAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For regularising motion.

VASISHTA RASAYANAM : (Ashtamgahrudayam) - For all kinds respiratory troubles like Cough, Tuberculosis etc. Increases body complexion and stamina.

VIDAARYAADI LEHYAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Increases body weight. Relieves Intestinal spasm, Twitching, Asthma, Cough etc. It :acts as a Calactogauge and increases strength of body.

VILWAADI LEHYAM: (Sahasrayogam) - Effective in Vomiting, Dirrhoea, Indigestion, Cough etc.

VYOSHAADIVADAKAM: (Ashtamgahrudayam) - Useful for chronic Sinusitis and Head ache. Also can be used for Cough, Dyspnoea, Hoarseness of voice, and Digestive disorders



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