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Natural urges like thirst and hunger are considered as the Vega, whereas Adharniya means non-suppressible, thereby the term refers to natural urges that should not be suppressed. The physiological functions of the body are related to some or the other natural urge thus making the suppression of these urges lead to a pathological state. In ayurveda these pathological states caused by suppression of natural urges and their treatments are described as follows:

Mutraveganigrah (suppression of the urge for urination)

Diseases caused:
Basti shul (pain in bladder region)
Mehan shul (pain in penis)
Mutra kruccha (dysuria)
Shira shul (headache)
Vinam (flexion of the body due to pain)
Anaha (flatulence)

Sweda (fomentation)
Avgaha (tub bath)
Abhyang (massage)
Ghrit avapid (drops of ghee in nose)
Trivid bhasti (enema especially utarbhasti i.e. Catheterization.)

Purish veganigrah (suppression of the urge for defecation)

Disease caused
Pakvashay shul (pain in iliac fossa)
Shirshut (headache)
Adhman (tympanitis)
Pindico dveshtun (cramps in calf muscles)
Apan vayu
Purish nirodh (obstruction of flatus & feces)

Sweda (fomentation)
Avgaha (tub bath)
Abhyaang (massage)
Varti (suppositories)
Basti karma (enema)
Pramathi annapan (carminative eats & drinks)

Shukra vega nigrah (suppression of the urge for seminal discharge)

Diseases caused
Medra & vrushan shul (pain in penis & testicles)
Angmaard (body ache)
Hridh pida (pain in cardiac region)
Mutra rodh (retention of urine)

Avgaha (tub bath)
Abhyaang (massage)
Madira (alcohol)
Shali chaval (rice)
Ksheer (milk)
Uttar baasti (catheterization)
Maithun (sexual intercourse)

Malvat veganigrah (suppression of the urge for flatus)

Diseases caused
Aapaanvayu, mutra & purish nirodh (obstruction of flatus urine and feces)
Adhman (tympnitis)
Klam (exhaustion)
Vedna (pain in abdomen)

Sneha (administration of oils e.g. Castor oil)
Sweda (fomentation)
Vartti (suppositories)
Bassti (enema)
Vatanu loman bhojan (carminative eats and drinks)

Chhardi vegnigrah (suppression of the urge for vomiting)

Diseases caused
Kandu (itching)
Kothaaa (urticaaria)
Aruchi (anorexia)
Shotha (edema)
Pandu (anemia)
Jwar (fever)
Kushta (dermatitis)
Hrillas (nausea)
Visaarp (erysipelas)

Dhumra (medicated smoking)
Langhan (starvation)
Raktamokshan (blood letting)
Rukssha annpan (dry eats and drinks)
Vyayam (exercise)
Virek (purgation)

Shavatu vegaanigrah (suppression of the urge for sternutation)

Diseases caused
Manyasthamb (ttortticollis)
Sshirshur (headache)
Aardit (facial paralysis)
Ardhav bhedak (hemicrania)


Dhumra pan
Nasya (massage, steam inhalation, medicated smoking and instillation of medicated nose drops)
Bhojaan paschat ghrit pan (administration of ghee after meal).

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